Pimiento Spread

Prepare to elevate your sandwich game to new heights with the irresistible flavors of Cheese Pimiento Spread. This delectable and versatile spread is a classic favorite in Filipino cuisine, loved for its creamy texture, bold flavors, and the perfect balance … Read more

Crunchy Rice Sushi

This Crunchy Rice Sushi recipe is more an idea than an actual recipe. Clearly inspired by the classic nigiri, I thought it would be fun to deep fry the sushi rice to make is crunchy! It turned out pretty tasty! … Read more

Kimchi Egg Musubi

I created this Kimchi Egg Musubi in the onigirazu style. I would describe this as a musubi that looks like a sandwich. You achieve this look by placing the rice in a square but in a diamond offset on the … Read more

Smoked Salmon Musubi

Smoked Salmon Musubi Recipe? More like smoked salmon musubi assembly directions. If you watch my video, you won’t really need this recipe as no ingredients need cooking. Ingredients rice nori. halved cream cheese smoked salmon furikake Directions 1. Cook some … Read more

Vegan Musubi

When I want to make something for my vegan friends, I often find myself scrambling. Luckily, since I’ve been doing musubi recipes lately, this Vegan Tofu Musubi recipe was pretty easy to whip up. I took inspiration from Spam Musubi … Read more

Japanese Egg Musubi

So I’ve been playing around with musubi recipes. Naturally I started with Spam musubi but then I started thinking of different recipes. Taking inspiration from Japanese egg sando, I thought doing a Japanese Egg Musubi recipe would taste good! I … Read more

Shoyu Hot Dogs

This Shoyu Hot Dog recipe was first shown to me by Doug. He said he has many memories of his mom making this for him. Apparently its a thing in Hawai’i! The recipe is super simple: equal parts sugar and … Read more

Easy Taco Mix Fish

This Easy Taco Mix Fish Recipe is one of those that is so simple yet can easily impress. In my video, I make it with my brother so he can use it when he needs a quick meal or when … Read more