Red Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are one of those meals that are easy to prep and even easier to serve! Everyone can craft their roll as they go. I used a beetroot rice paper in my video because I thought the color … Read more

Easy Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi. One item that will always please. This Spam musubi recipe is simple. Just fry the Spam in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin and wrap it up! I recommend using a rectangular musubi mold. You can … Read more

Poke Three Ways

I was challenged by CHEFPK to a poke battle! He challenged me to create a poke dish that could beat his. You’ll find 3 poke recipes below. Poke is a simple concept: fresh fish and some seasonings or sauces. If … Read more

Quick & Easy Gyudon

I don’t claim this to be authentic or an excellent version of gyudon. It is simply something that Doug and I enjoy and can whip up in the kitchen last minute. The combination of the scrambled egg and marinated meat … Read more

15 Minute Salmon Handroll

Use this salmon hand roll recipe as a guide for an easy 15 minute meal. While raw fish can be used, we really enjoy broiling salmon skin because it crisps up quite nicely to add a contrasting texture. It is … Read more