How To Make Ube Whipped Cream (Easy And Delicious)

The last time I made scones was for a couple of special guests visiting me in my home. I wanted to impress with a little extra special topping so I made ube whipped cream. It takes no more effort than regular whipped cream but adds an impressive purple color to the table.

The process to make is extremely easy. Feel free to substitute with any other extract you have on hand!

What is Ube Extract?

Ube extract is a purple-colored flavoring that you can use to add a unique flavor and color to your foods! Ube itself is rather uncommon so ube extract is the best way to inject your food with the famous flavor. Of course, the purple color always gives a pop to whatever you add it to!

I recommend Butterfly brand over any others as it seems to be the most consistent. You can probably find it at your local Asian supermarket or online at Amazon (affiliate link).

How to use Ube Extract

Ube extract is extremely straightforward and easy to use! Just add it to whatever you wish! Its commonly used in baking to give cakes or batter a deep purple color as well as a little bit of the flavor. I use ube extract in many of my recipes such as my (famous) Ube Cookies, Ube Pie, and Ube Butter Mochi just to name a few.

You don’t need to add too much ube extract to your recipes so be mindful. It is so versatile you can use it just as you would almond or vanilla extract but like I’ve said so many times, your food will turn purple!

Nearly every baked good that is ube flavored is using ube extract so if you’ve had one recently you really enjoyed, I would bet the maker uses ube extract.

Ube halaya is different from Ube extract so do not use the two interchangeably.

How to Make Homemade Whipped Cream

Homemade whipped cream is extremely easy to make as the name implies. It is simply cream that has been whipped. Just buy some heavy cream from the store, add some sugar, and whisk it vigorously until you arrive at your desired consistency.

Whipping it introduces air into the liquid which gives it the light and airy texture. I definitely recommend using an automatic whisk or hand mixer but it is definitely doable by hand.

Oftentimes recipes ask for “soft peaks” or “stiff peaks.” Be sure to pay attention as texture is very important if a recipe mentions either of these terms. In general, if you’re just making whipped cream as a condiment, you’re looking for “stiff peaks.”

So just get to whipping and you’ll end up with whipped cream!

How to Make Ube Whipped Cream

The only additional step to make ube whipped cream is to add a bit of ube extract! This with the added sugar will give it a sweet ube flavor on top of the gorgeous purple color!

What do You Put Whipped Cream On?

This specific instance, I was making ube whipped cream to put on some scones that I baked. I actually have a recipe for scones. But otherwise, just put whipped cream on any dessert you want! Anything from pumpkin pie to ice cream sundaes. My personal favorite, however, is scones.

Ube Whipped Cream Recipe

Ube Whipped Cream

Simple whipped cream with added sugar and ube extract
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 1 teaspoon ube extract
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar sifted
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream cold


  • In a medium bowl, pour in heavy whipping cream
  • Sift in the powdered sugar
  • Add the ube extract
  • Whip until you get your desired consistency! Serve in scoops or pipe onto baked goods