Pandan Cookies

I can’t believe I’ve not posted this recipe before! It really is just a clone of my popular Ube Cookie Recipe. Just substitute pandan extract for ube extract. This particular video uses a coconut spread from Pika Pika. This ingredient … Read more

Corn Cheese Cookies

Ok, Ok. I know what some of you might think: “CORN in cookies? CHEESE in cookies? Corn AND Cheese in cookies? What has this world come to?” Let me explain. Corn cheese (mais con keso) is a common ice cream … Read more

Ube Butter Mochi

Butter Mochi is one of the desserts I make over and over again but with different flavors. I’ve made matcha butter mochi and chocolate butter mochi to name a few. However, this ube butter mochi recipe is probably the most … Read more

Ube Champorado

Ube Champorado is the ube version of my Chocolate Champorado Recipe. Instead of the classic champorado, just substitute chocolate for ube extract and you end up with a gorgeous purple champorado! In my video, I top it with a little … Read more

Ginataang Bilo Bilo

Ginataan is a general term for any Filipino dish that uses coconut milk as a base. There are so many dishes such as ginataang mais, ginataang munggo, ginataang langka, and more! You can find a long list on the Wikipedia … Read more

Afternoon Tea Recipes Filipino Style

In a recent video, I made afternoon tea but with Filipino recipes. I thought I would compile a list of all the recipes here. Pimiento Spread I made a pimiento spread using Filipino cheese. Although I knew it was big … Read more