Tupig (Roasted Sticky Rice)

The Philippines has so many different variations of rice-based desserts I don’t think I could pick just one. Tagalog even has a word describing the whole category: kakanin. Roasted sticky rice, aka tupig, is one such kakanin and it is … Read more

Quick Sinigang

I love making this Sinigang recipe when I need a relatively quick meal loaded with veggies. I’ve listed a few vegetables but I’ve used many others such as okra, kabocha, and chayote to name a few. Feel free to toss … Read more

Pork Adobo Musubi

Sometimes it is difficult to think up new ideas for musubi but not this time. I had recently cooked FIlipino Pork Adobo (you can find my recipe here) and had some leftovers. It was a no brainer to put it … Read more