Afternoon Tea Recipes Filipino Style

In a recent video, I made afternoon tea but with Filipino recipes. I thought I would compile a list of all the recipes here.

Pimiento Spread

I made a pimiento spread using Filipino cheese. Although I knew it was big in the South of the United States, I didn’t know it was considered “caviar of the south”


Biko is a caramelized sticky rice dessert that I absolutely love. You can find my recipe here

Maja Blanca

Coconut gelatin with corn! What’s not to love? Follow my recipe to fall in love

Chicken Adobo

A classic recipe that I put in a sandwich.

Cassava Cake

Can’t forget the pandan flavored cassava cake! Topped with pinipig, its just excellent.


My brother’s favorite dessert. Made with lye water, brown sugar, and tapioca.

Ube White Chocolate Scones

This one I just added to my scones recipe page as a variant (not pictured)