Red Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are one of those meals that are easy to prep and even easier to serve! Everyone can craft their roll as they go.

I used a beetroot rice paper in my video because I thought the color was so enticing but ultimately, they aren’t much different than the plain rice paper.

Ingredient Ideas

  • tofu
    • pan-fried
    • deep fried
  • shrimp
    • plain
    • paprika
    • butter garlic
  • Vietnamese sausage
  • Chinese sausage
  • Vermicelli noodles
  • Glass noodles
  • Yam noodles
  • Deep fried egg roll wrappers (for a nice crunch)


1. Prepare your protein. If using tofu, I recommend pan frying. I also love pan frying shrimp with a little bit of paprika. This is not traditional but really tasty!

2. Wet the rice paper completely but don’t let it soak. place your ingredients and wrap it up! Watch my video for an example! I still haven’t spent the time to figure out the placement to make sure the protein is NOT under the rice paper fold but when I’m hungry, I don’t often care

3. Serve with a peanut sauce or nuoc mam and enjoy!