Red Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are one of those meals that are easy to prep and even easier to serve! Everyone can craft their roll as they go. I used a beetroot rice paper in my video because I thought the color … Read more

The Rice Ball Compilation

This post is a little different. It is a compilation of all my rice ball ideas. Naturally, they don’t need full recipes so use this as a single source for ideas to spice up your rice! Some links in this … Read more

Peanut Chocolate Scones

These delicious Peanut Chocolate Scones are inspired by Choc-Nut, which is a delicious Filipino peanut candy. I remembered eating this decadent, crumbly peanut snack in the Philippines. I don’t know what’s happening but as of today, there’s a shortage of … Read more

Halo-Halo Donuts

Inspired by Kora in New York Watch How To Make It: **If you want a lighter purple color for your ube glaze, check out the alternative glaze recipe at the end of this post, which uses colorless ube extract. This … Read more