Cinnamon Roll Waffles

This Cinnamon Roll Waffle recipe begins with a simple waffle batter recipe. You can use this for just a plain waffle or as a base for any variation you conjure up! In this case, I’ve added cinnamon roll filling and … Read more

Cheesy Furikake Scrambled Eggs

My brother likes to get creative in the kitchen. This Cheesy Furikake Scrambled Egg recipe is something he conjured up by himself on the spot! The recipe itself is simple. Just add some furikake, cheese, and milk to a classic … Read more

Spam Slider Sandwiches

This is for when you want bread instead of rice or you forgot to cook rice. Ingredients Spam. sliced and fried following my Spam Musubi Recipe scrambled egg. following my brother’s Cheesy Furikake Scrambled Egg Recipe cheddar cheese, grated. slider … Read more

Shrimp Omelette

Omelettes are a classic breakfast food that’s quick, simple and always tastes good. And while plain omelettes are tasty in their own right, you can add more flavor by including shrimp. When you’re in the mood for something lighter but … Read more

Spicy Grilled Cheese Waffle

The recipe for Spicy Grilled Cheese Waffle, which you will find below, is a classic waffle recipe with chili crisp added to bring the heat. Additionally, this recipe calls for mozzarella and American yellow cheese to fully transform into a … Read more

Mochi Waffles

This mochi waffle recipe was inspired by my friend Keeping It Relle. I made a few tweaks that made the batter green (pandan extract ftw!) and ended up with a slightly sweet and deliciously chewy mochi waffle! A huge bonus … Read more

Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

These delicious cinnamon rolls always seem to steal the show wherever they go. The perfectly soft dough consistency is great with or without the sugar frosting. I think these are the best homemade cinnamon rolls. I received the biggest compliment … Read more