Spam Bread

Who doesn’t like a salty, cheesy, sweet bread? This Spam Bread Recipe offers exactly that. Based on my Pandesal Recipe, adding Spam, green onions, and cheese gives the already sweet pandesal a bit of savory flavor. This is the perfect … Read more

Spam Cookies

Hear me out: Spam. In a Cookie. Do I dare? Yes I did! To be honest, it turned out super tasty! The Spam adds the saltiness desired in any cookie without overpowering the sweetness of the dough. I used the … Read more

Peanut Butter Chocolate Scones

Scones Master Recipe

Since I began baking, I’ve made scones many times over the years. I’ve learned a few things here and there as well as found some very tasty flavor combos. In this post, I provide a base scone recipe with some … Read more