Ube Rice Krispies

Who doesn’t love Rice Krispie Treats? This ube version is much more preferable in my opinion. This recipe calls for white chocolate pearls which are confectionary toppings. They are little tiny chocolate covered malt balls similar to a Whopper. Adding … Read more

Ube Churros (Ube Recipe 9)

Purple Churros! It seems like most of the entries in this series end up using ube mostly for color and not taste. Still, this recipe turned out really good! Churros are really straightforward. Just a simple fried dough! I did … Read more

Ube Sinigang (Ube Recipe 6)

I modified my Easy Sinigang Recipe which you can find here: https://jeanelleats.com/quick-sinigang/ I added some frozen ube to the soup and used salmon instead of shrimp. Here’s a quick rundown of exactly what I did in the video above: 1. … Read more

Ube Noodles (Ube Series 5)

This Ube Noodles recipe is just for making the noodles. You’ll have to provide your own sauce and protein but I think it would go well with any sauce! I used ube powder that I was able to find frozen … Read more

Ube Spam Musubi (Ube Recipe 4)

I’ve written a full Spam Musubi recipe which you can find hereL https://jeanelleats.com/easy-spam-musubi/ I’m not going to rewrite it here but instead just describe how to make the Ube rice! And of course here are some gorgeous photos. To make … Read more

Ube Samosa (Ube Recipe 3)

I cannot believe the wheel picked this one! Naturally, ube would have to be the filling for these samosas. I used the frozen ube chunks but made sure to steam them to cook and soften them up. However, I would … Read more