Ube Boba Milk Tea (Ube Recipe 10)

I’ve been seeing ube lattes on menus at coffee and tea shops in my area. They all have different recipes and flavors but this recipe is pretty simple on ingredients.

First you’ll need ube halaya also known as ube jam. Its boiled and mashed ube with some sweetener and it is extremely popular as a dessert condiment. You’ll often find it in halo-halo or other coconut milk based desserts. This one you might not find in a general Asian supermarket but definitely you can find it in a Filipino supermarket. Otherwise, head to Amazon to buy online (affiliate link)

You’ll also need ube extract which you’ve probably seen in my videos many times. You can also find it at your local asian supermarket or at Amazon (affiliate link)

I’ve made boba at home and found this brand (affiliate link) to have the highest taste to ease ratio. I’ve made other brands and they just don’t turn out quite so as good.


Feel free to adjust all ingredients to your own taste!

  • 1 cup tea
  • 1 cup of milk or alternative milk
  • 2 tablespoons ube halaya
  • dash of ube extract
  • boba, cooked


1. Follow cooking directions on your boba package.

2. Brew your tea

3. Add milk or your preferred milk alternative, ube halaya and ube extract all to taste. Mix well

4. Dump in your cooked boba and enjoy!