Battle of the Dishes Season 2: All Ube Recipes

Here’s a list of each recipe in Season 2 of Battle of the Dishes: Ube.

You can find all the videos on a playlist on my YouTube Channel!

Episode 1: Ube Fries

Ube simply fried in oil with salt and ketchup.

Episode 2: Ube Turon

Ube and banana wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and deep fried

Episode 3: Ube Samosa

A samosa filled with ube instead of just all potato. Recipe here

Episode 4: Ube Spam Musubi

Could have done an ube layer but decided to make the rice purple. Recipe here

Episode 5: Ube Noodles

Fresh Pasta noodles with a little bit of ube to give it an enticing color. Recipe here

Episode 6: Ube Sinigang

Classic sinigang but mixing ube into the soup. It changed up the texture a lot. Recipe here

Episode 7: Ube Mochi Waffles

Extremely popular. Breakfast waffles with mochi to give it a chewy texture and ube to give it a bit of flavor but again, mostly color. Recipe here

Episode 8: Ube Malasadas

Infamous Portuguese fried donut from Hawai’i. Purple donut filled with ube custard. Recipe here

Episode 9: Ube Churros

Super simple churros with a bit of ube extract to keep it on topic. Recipe here

Episode 10: Ube Milk Tea

Ube extract is a wonderful ingredient. It even makes milk tea purple and taste good! Recipe here


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