Ube Sinigang (Ube Recipe 6)

I modified my Easy Sinigang Recipe which you can find here: https://jeanelleats.com/quick-sinigang/

I added some frozen ube to the soup and used salmon instead of shrimp.

Here’s a quick rundown of exactly what I did in the video above:

1. Cooked the Salmon. Removed then set aside

2. In the same pot, fried up the onions and the tomatoes for a little bit

3. Poured in 4 cups of water and 1/2 packet of sinigang seasoning and some fish sauce. Brought this to a boil. Added frozen ube

4. Put in the daikon and boiled until soft.

5. Added greens

6. Returned the salmon to the pot to heat up

7. Serve!