The Rice Ball Compilation

This post is a little different. It is a compilation of all my rice ball ideas. Naturally, they don’t need full recipes so use this as a single source for ideas to spice up your rice!

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1) Furikake

Pretty simple and straight forward. Roll in furikake.

Furikake is a Japanese condiment most frequently sprinkled over rice. You can find it at any Japanese supermarket (and probably any general Asian supermarket) or on Amazon


2) Milo

Did someone say champorado?

This rice ball is rolled in Milo (sweetened cocoa powder) and sugar. The taste of this, unsurprisingly, reminded me of Filipino champorado: a chocolate, sugar, and rice combo I ate for breakfast as a kid.

You can find Milo at most Asian supermarkets or on Amazon


3) Pork Floss aka Pork Sung

Ahhhhh Pork floss. Shelf stable salty meat.

For this one I used an onigiri mold and stuffed it with pork floss. The saltiness is definitely not understated here. At first bite, I thought it was too salty but after chewing a bit, the flavor actually become quite pleasant.

You can find pork floss at most Asian supermarkets. A Vietnamese or Chinese market will DEFINITELY have it. Alternatively you can find it on Amazon