Battle of the Dishes Season 1: All Recipes

Here’s a list of each recipe in Season 1 of Battle of the Dishes: SPAM.

You can find all the videos on a playlist on my YouTube Channel!

Episode 1: SPAM French Toast

Its french toast with a slice of spam in the middle. Recipe here

Episode 2: SPAM Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala spiced curry with SPAM instead of the classic chicken. Recipe here

Episode 3: Spam Jelly Sandwich

SPAM with blueberry jelly between two slices of toast. Recipe here

Episode 4: SPAM brownies

A lattice of SPAM on a delicious chocolate brownie. Recipe here

Episode 5: SPAM Lumpia

SPAM and cheese rolled up in a lumpia wrapper and deep fried. Recipe here

Episode 6: SPAM Sinigang

The classic Filipino sour soup with SPAM. Recipe here

Episode 7: SPAM Katsu

Deep fried panko-breaded SPAM. Recipe here


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