Peanut Chocolate Scones

These delicious Peanut Chocolate Scones are inspired by Choc-Nut, which is a delicious Filipino peanut candy. I remembered eating this decadent, crumbly peanut snack in the Philippines.

I don’t know what’s happening but as of today, there’s a shortage of Choc-Nut in the Filipino stores that I frequent.

I’ve heard the same thing from my fellow Filipina communities, saying they’re having a tough time finding Choc-Nut at their Filipino stores too. What could be causing this?

Anyway, I was hesitant to open up my one pack of Choc-Nut for this recipe, so I decided to create these scones using toasted peanuts and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

If you don’t have access to an Asian or Filipino grocery store nearby, using peanuts and semi-sweet chocolate chips will suffice!

I used the Master Scone Recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction and added a few tweaks to make these delicious scones:

Want to see how these Peanut Chocolate Scones are made? You can check out the short videos on YouTube or TikTok!

Make sure you keep all your ingredients COLD at all times for a tender, yet crumbly scone! I highly recommend freezing your butter for this recipe.