How To Make Ube Ice Cream Recipe Using Liquid Nitrogen

In this recipe, chef Kryssie Tinsay joined me to make ube ice cream by freezing it using liquid nitrogen. Using liquid nitrogen is dangerous, so be warned that you should know what you’re doing. Although, you can use this recipe using an ice cream maker rather than liquid nitrogen. I encourage you to use a KitchenAid, especially for this recipe!



  • 1 cup ube jam
  • 2 cups evaporated milk
  • 1 cup heavy cream (if you don’t want it too rich, use half-n-half or whole milk)
  • 2 tsp ube extract
  • ½ can condensed milk


  1. Whisk together the ube jam, evaporated milk, and heavy cream until the jam has dissolved and mixed into the liquid. Then, add 2 tsp ube extract, more or less, depending on how dark you want the ice cream. Whisk well until the color is uniform.
  2. Pour in half a can of condensed milk, more or less, depending on how sweet you’d like the ice cream. Whisk really well.
  3. In your KitchenAid, pour in just half of the ube mixture (overfilling it might cause splatter).
  4. Get your liquid nitrogen and carefully pour some into a pourable, stainless steel (MUST) container. Turn your KitchenAid on low with the paddle attachment, and then slowly, safely pour in just some of the liquid nitrogen. Waft away the clouds of liquid nitrogen, and check the mixture. If it’s still runny, carefully pour in more liquid nitrogen. Do this until the mixture has a more solid, ice cream texture.
  5. If you need to, let the ice cream soften until it’s scoopable.

And you’re done! Scoop some ube ice cream for yourself and if you like, top it with anything you want. For suggestions (which are pretty extra): chocolate-covered Rice Krispies, Momofuku Milk Bar crunchies, or white chocolate shavings. Or even, fresh fruit, toasted coconut, or graham crackers!😋