Coconut Sticky Rice With Red Beans (Khao Neow Tua Dam)

This Thai dessert is recipe is typically made with black beans. In the Philippines we have a similar dish called Ginataang Monggo, which uses mung beans instead of red beans.

I went to a store with my friend called BANH MI & CHE CALI and it revived my obsession with coconut milk and sticky rice desserts.

The night we went, they ran out of “Khao Neow Tua Dam”, which is a coconut milk sticky rice dessert that’s typically made with black beans or black eyed peas.

My friend told me it was her FAVORITE dessert, and I had to have it.

I’ve been thinking about it ever since, so I decided to make it at home!

I’ve made ginataang monggo in the past, which is a Filipino dessert very similar to Khao Neow Tua Dam, except it primarily made with mung beans.

It’s fairly simple to make this sticky rice dessert at home; it just takes time to soak the beans and let all ingredients simmer.

You can also use extracts to flavor the sticky rice. I LOVE it the way it is, but I also really like adding Pandan extract to this recipe because it reminds me of the desserts I enjoyed from the Philippines!