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Digital Baking Cookbook

Unique bread recipes you won’t get anywhere else!

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What you’ll find inside this cookbook:

  • 15 foolproof step-by-step baking recipes
  • Discover important tips around the baking process and ingredients you’ll be using
  • Learn common mistakes for great bread with every bake
  • Classic Filipino breads AND exclusive recipes not found anywhere else!

About The Author

Hi, I’m Jeanelle! I’m a YouTube food host and recipe developer. I take flavor inspirations from all around the globe and integrate them into the dishes I film and share on social media. I strongly believe that it’s important to know what goes inside our meals, which is why I love teaching people how to cook and bake their own food at home!

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Some Recipes Include:


Spanish Bread (6 Flavor Combinations)


Filipino Breakfast Pizza

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Pandan Coconut

Milk Swirl


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I’ve never baked bread before!

Can I still make these recipes?

PLENTY of my YouTube viewers message me to tell me they’ve made delicious bread FOR THE FIRST TIME using my recipes! As long as you read through the tips and instructions in this cookbook, you’ll end up with delicious bakes.

I don’t have fancy baking equipment at home.
Can I still make these breads?

YES! Any bread recipe in this book can be made with the simple utensils you probably already have in your kitchen! Special baking equipment only speeds up the process, and they are unnecessary when baking bread.


I’m a horrible baker and baking bread intimidates me!

PERFECT! In the beginning of this cookbook, I point out the simple things you need to watch out for, so you are guaranteed delicious bread with every bake. I made this book and the recipes easy to understand to make the bread baking process as foolproof as possible.

Disclosure: there will be no refunds for the cookbook to protect my copyright work. Thank you for understanding!


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