3 Filipino Pizzas (Day 30 of Bread Challenge)

Last day of the bread challenge! For this last day I wanted to pay homage to my ethnic roots. I decided to do pizza 3 ways but Filipino style!

Pizza Dough Recipe

For the pizza dough, I followed Sam Merritt’s recipe on the Sugar Spun Run website. Since I was making 3 pizzas, I tripled this recipe.


  • tocino
  • medium-hard boiled egg
  • tomato

The first pizza was the “breakfast” pizza: tocino and egg. Tocino is a popular Filipino breakfast sausage. Tocino has a sweet flavor unlike the savory American breakfast sausage. When you buy it from the store, it usually comes encased so I just cut it open and pushed out the stuffing.


  • pork adobo
  • fried garlic

The second pizza incorporates the most popular Filipino dish: pork adobo. This was the first time I’ve had adobo on pizza and it was a revelation! The acidity of the adobo worked very well and the crunch of the garlic gave it another dimension. Overall I’d say this is worth exploring.

I did buy the adobo at my local Filipino supermarket (LFS).


  • banana
  • jackfruit
  • peanut butter
  • dulce de leche

The last pizza was a bit of a curveball. I wanted to make a “dessert” pizza and what would be better than turon! Turon is banana and jackfruit in egg roll wrapper and deep fried. Since we needed a base for this pizza and tomato sauce just wouldn’t be appropriate, I decided to use peanut butter! The dulce de leche drizzle is just a little dash of extra sweetness.

Recipe Video